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The Similipal Tiger Reserve is situated in the biotic province, chhotanagpur plateau in the heart of the Mayurbhanj district, ORISSA. The name of SIMILIPAL derives from SIMUL (Silk Cotton Tree). The famous Oriya poet Radhanath Ray wrote his poem "USHA" wherein he described the hill of Simul as "Salmali Saila".

The hills with numerous peaks & valleys in between form a spectacular view and the height rises up to 1168 mtrs. above MSL.

The major perennial streams are Budhabalanga, Palpala, East Deo, West Deo, Salandi, Khairi, Bhandan & Khadkei. There are two permanent water falls Barehipani (400 mtrs ) & Joranda (150 mtrs). The prominent meadows are Chahala, Tarinivilla, Tiktali, Sapaghar, Devasthali, Upper Barakamuda etc.

The Bhadragoda Valley, Tarinvilla, Patbil & a large number of swamps & marshes form the riparian zone.


Similipal experiences three climates i.e. summer, monsoon & winter. The summer season confined from end March to May with a maximum temperature of 30oC & pleasant. The rainy season starts from June & continues till early October. Relatively higher annual precipitation of over 200 cm spread over about 135 days. November to early March is winter. The temperature goes down nearly 2oC in few places with experience of frost in pockets.